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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish


by Dr. Seuss

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Exploration Quotes

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Quote #1

We see them come.
We see them go.
Some are fast.
And some are slow. (46-49)

The first introduction to the boy and girl, who are the true explorers in the story, involves them watching some of the quirky creatures running by. This sets up the idea that you don't have to be out zip-lining across jungles or scuba diving to explore the world; exploration starts with observation.

Quote #2

Did you ever
fly a kite
in bed?
Did you ever walk
with ten cats
on your head? (258-263)

In one of the instances where the children directly address the reader, they ask if we've done a series of outlandish activities. Now, don't think that they literally want you to fly a kite in bed (ill-advised unless you have an outdoor bed) or walk with ten cats on your head. You'd probably end with plenty of scratches and a trip to the ER. The point here is to try new things, even if they seem a wee bit nuts at first.

Quote #3

Look what we found
in the park
in the dark.
We will take him home.
We will call him Clark. (319-323)

First, allow Shmoop a moment of discipline: do not try this at home, kids. Going to the park at night by yourself is always always always a bad idea. But other than that little snag, this quote is a prime example of the kind of adventures that the kids in the book happily embrace. They don't go to the park with the intention of bringing home a new pet, but they wind up with one anyway. Exploration isn't something you plan for; it's something that finds you when you're open to it.

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