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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish


by Dr. Seuss

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Lines 143-257 Summary


  • Let's check in with the kiddies, shall we? They're pumped to make the acquaintance of some seriously kooky creatures.
  • The boy and girl see a Nook, a creature with a hook on his head that connects to a cookbook (143-150). Well that's handy, we guess.
  • The Nook tries to cook, but he cannot read. Okay, maybe not so handy.
  • They wonder why he would have a book on a hook if that were the case (151-159). Touché.
  • But we can't linger on that little conundrum too long, because the kids have more sights to see, like some passing sheep talking a stroll in the night, as sheep are prone to do.
  • One of the kiddos claims that they would never walk; they would take a car (164-169). Obviously.
  • There is also a creature that the kid can't stand because he yells all day. (170-176). Another one is quiet, and so it's cool to have him in the house (177-180).
  • They also have a Zans in their kitchen. Why? To open cans (181-190). Duh.
  • How useful! First, bike-pushing Mike, and now can-opening Zans. We're getting kind of jealous.
  • And we're about to get more so. Let's meet some new creatures, shall we?
  • The boy likes to box, and a creature named the Gox helps him every day (190-197), all Clint Eastwood-like.
  • When the boy sings in the shower, the Ying sings, too (199-206). Two things: (1) Here's hoping he's not tone deaf, and (2) Can we join? We'll take tenor.
  • There is also one called the Yink, which has the odd habit of winking and drinking pink ink (207-221), which sounds not at all tasty, but to each his own.
  • And a Yop is a tiny creature that hops from one finger top to another (222-238). Too cute.
  • The girl has a pet with beautiful blue hair that's fun to brush and comb (239-249).
  • One pet is just simply wet, wetter than any other imaginable pet (250-257).

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