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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish


by Dr. Seuss

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Lines 31-82 Summary

Creature Teachers 

  • Sick of fish? Good, let's meet some people. Of the human sort.
  • Two children appear in the illustrations, watching a herd of "funny things go by" (38). Finally, some kiddos to help balance out the animal surplus.
  • The parade of strange creatures plods along, and the narrator, a.k.a. Captain Obvious, thinks that they must come from a long ways away (45).
  • The boy and girl watch them and note that none of them look alike (52-53).
  • So the narrator tells the children to ask their mother about why the creatures are all different. Because, hey, what does he know?
  • One odd guy even has eleven fingers, which is something they've never seen (56-69). Us either, kiddos.
  • Apparently, our narrator wishes for eleven fingers, too. But Shmoop? We think that sounds like a hassle. You'd have to custom order gloves, and those can get pricey.
  • But we digress. Back to the children, who are riding their Wump, which only has one hump (70-75).
  • But Mr. Gump—a man they know—has a Wump with seven whole humps (76-82). That's one hump too many if you want Shmoop's humble opinion.

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