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1. “They’re all alike,” ??? lamented. “At first they behave very well, they’re obedient and prompt and they don’t seem capable of killing a fly. But as soon as their beards appear they go to ruin.” Who said this? -> Úrsula
2. “‘That’s the most obscene thing I’ve ever seen in my life,’ [Aureliana Segundo] shouted with a laugh that rang through the house.” What is he talking about? -> Fernanda’s nightgown
3. “One of these days,” he shouted, “I’m going to arm my boys so we can get rid of these shitty gringos!” Who said this? -> Mauricio Babilonia
4. “This one will be a priest,” ??? promised solemnly. “And if God gives me life he’ll be Pope someday.” Who says this about Jose Arcadio (II)? -> Úrsula
5. “Don’t be simple, Crespi.” ??? smiled. “I wouldn’t marry you even if I were dead.” Who says this? -> Amaranta
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