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One of the Lives
One of the Lives
by M.S. Merwin

One of the Lives Fate and Free Will Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

[…] if a young woman in Kittanning
            had not taught my father to drive at the age of twenty
so that he got the job with the pastor at the big church
            in Pittsburg where my mother was working […] (13-16)

The meeting of his parents seems like pure fate. (Aww.) Outside forces drew them to Pittsburgh where they met.

Quote #5

[…] and if
my mother had not lost both parents when she was a child
              so that she had to go to her grandmother's in Pittsburgh (16-18)

This dash of fate applies both to how the mother and father met, and to how the speaker ends up in that farmhouse. Mysterious and unpredictable forces brought them together, and put the speaker where he is. Thanks tons, forces!

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