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One Perfect Rose

One Perfect Rose


by Dorothy Parker

Analysis: Speaker

Although it's never explicitly stated, based on the poet and the scenario that unfolds in the poem, we can say that it's a safe bet that our speaker's a woman. And she's not easy to please either, though not in like a spoiled, bratty kind of way. It's just that the speaker of this poem has received flowers so many times that you're going to have to do a little more than that to win her heart.

It's not that she thinks roses aren't pretty or anything like that. She can tell a perfect rose when she sees one, that's for sure. She's just tired of everything always being the same, especially when it comes to love. She realizes, for example, that the whole send-a-rose thing has become a tired cliché and that it's time for a change.

And you bet she wants to help bring about that change. She will settle for nothing less. Yeah sure she sounds kind of materialistic when she talks about preferring a limousine to a nice flower, but she's dissatisfied and frustrated. And besides, she's just throwing that out there as an example of something new, creative, and very different than a rose. She's asking, really, for a bit more thoughtfulness when it comes to expressing emotions. So, if you want to get that second date with her, you better wise up and get your creative juices flowing because a flower isn't going to cut it. Not with this one.

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