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Pry into Orion’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Another boring day in the sky. Well, it's not totally boring. I'm always worried that Scorpio is going to sting me. Did they really have to put a giant scorpion beside me for all eternity?

Dear Diary,

Why doesn't anybody like me anymore? Eos totally had a thing for me back in the day, but now every time she goes by dispersing the mists of night in the morning, she doesn't even say hi. What's up with that? I thought we had something.

And Artemis too... We used to hunt all the time together, and now she doesn't even give me the time of day. Did I do something wrong? We were friends, and now... Well, I don't know what we are.

Cedalion doesn't even come to see me, and he was so cool to me, you know? Like when he rode on my shoulders when I was blind and directed me to Helios so that I could be healed. He seemed like such a good guy, but now no calls—nothin'.

I wish I knew what I did wrong.

Dear Diary,

Had a great session with Dr. Logos yesterday. Glad to see he's feeling better. I heard he had a session of his own with Hygeia that really got him back on track.

Everything is so fuzzy ever since I've been a constellation. My starry brain can't quite sort out exactly what happened to me. There are all these stories, and nobody agrees, and I'm just confused. You know?

Anyway, Logos said making some lists would really help me sort out my past. Here goes...

Birth Theories:
(1) I'm the son of Poseidon, god of the sea, and Euryale, one of Medusa's sister gorgons.

(2) I was born after Poseidon, Hermes, and Hephaestus all peed on an ox hide and buried it in the dirt.

Well, Poseidon seems like a pretty likely father for me, since I used to be able to walk on water and all. Of course, that doesn't help me much here because he's involved in both of these theories. It may sound crazy, but I'm not sure which of these I'd prefer to be true. Having Euryale for a mom would kind of suck. She was a hideous monster, who could turn people to stone just by looking at them. On the other hand, being born from a bunch of god pee would also suck. Ugh, I don't know. Moving on…

Death Theories:
(1) While hunting with Artemis, I bragged that I could kill every animal on earth, so Gaia (the earth herself) sent a giant scorpion to sting me.

(2) Apollo was jealous that his twin sister, Artemis, kind of had a thing for me. So he dared me to wade shoulder deep into the ocean (which for me is pretty far out since I'm so marvelously gigantic). Then he dared Artemis to shoot what looked like a tiny speck on the horizon. Arrow + My Head = Dead Orion.

(3) Artemis got jealous and shot me on purpose when I had a fling with Eos, that oh-so-seductive goddess of dawn.

(4) Artemis got ticked off because I got frisky with her follower Oupis and shot me.

Ugh, I'm not sure if this is helping. It seems like Artemis must've had something to do with it. She's in all these stories, at least. But what if she's just in them because she's the goddess of the hunt and people just associate her with me? You know, since I was like the most kick-butt hunter ever and all that?

Dear Diary,

Yeah, so that whole listing thing was a bust. I still have no idea who I am.

I feel blind, you know? Just as blind as I did after King Oinopion took my eyesight. Like blind to myself.

Maybe I'm still being punished for what I did to Oinopion's daughter, Merope. Even though Helios returned my sight, I'll always be blind in other ways.


Maybe I deserve it.

Dear Diary,

I definitely deserve it.

Dear Diary,

Okay, enough of this "poor me" stuff. I'm getting off my duff and doing some hunting tonight. Canis Major and Minor have been straining on their chains to go hunt Taurus. If Scorpio gets in our way, there's going to be one squished arachnid in the sky tonight.

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