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Orion Photos

    Good Old Cadalion
    Pretty awesome that this dude led me to Helios to heal my blindness. [Blind Orion Searching for the Sun by Nicolas Poussin, 1658]

    Artemis: Friend of Foe?
    I'm still unclear as to whether she had a hand in killing me or not. [Diana Over the Corpse of Orion by Daniel Seiter, 1685]

    Born from Pee?
    Not sure how I feel about the story that I was born after three gods peed on an ox hide. [Infans Philosophicus tres agnoscit patres, ut Orion by Theodor de Bry, 1617]

    My Fountain
    A whole fountain in honor of me? Aw, shucks. [The Fountain of Orion in Messina, Italy, by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli, 1553]

    I Am a Constellation
    Just another day in the stars. [Uranometria by Johann Bayer, 1661]