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Orion's Wall


Does anybody actually know the real story of how I was born?

For sure. Poseidon, Hephaestus, and I all peed on an ox hide and buried it. A little while later you came bursting from the earth.

I really hope that isn't true.

Hey, that's what they used to say back in ancient Boetia anyway.

Who cares what Boetians have to say about anything?

The Ancient Boetians

You were our hero! We worshipped you!

You don't make up birth stories like that for your heroes.

Wheeling through the sky every night is pretty awesome, but I really miss walking on water.

I feel for you.

Ah, hey it's good to hear from you. Can you clear this up? Are you my only father?

Yes, I begat you with Euryale.

Um... the Gorgon?


What's wrong with Gorgons?

You're all so ugly you turn people to stone.

Don't speak that way to your mother.

But what I said is true.


You're no son of mine, you worthless piece of petrified poo!

Maybe it would've been better to have been born from a pee-soaked ox hide, after all.

Does anybody know how I died at least?

I sent a scorpion to kill you while you were hunting with Artemis.

I tricked Artemis into shooting you in the head.


Artemis was jealous of our torrid affair and shot you herself.

He was too good for you, and you know it.

Wait, Artemis! Tell me which one of these stories is true.

Why don't you ask Eos? Since you like her so much better than me…

Look, I'm sorry about that. But you're a sworn virgin. What's a giant to do?


He's got a point.

Butt out.

Come on, Artemis. I gotta know...

A bad heart. You died from a bad heart.

Really? Like literally or metaphorically?

Figure it out yourself.


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