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by Virginia Woolf

Orlando: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who is described? "The long, curled hair, the dark head bent so reverently, so innocently before her, implied a pair of the finest legs that a young nobleman has ever stood upright upon; and violet eyes; and a heart of gold; and loyalty and manly charm" -> Orlando
2. According to this passage, what will fill Orlando's life? "From deed to deed, from glory to glory, from office to office he must go, his scribe following after, till they reach whatever seat it may be that is the height of their desire. Orlando, to look at, was cut out precisely for some such career." -> Good deeds
3. Who said, "All ends in death"? -> Orlando
4. Saying "Bonthrop" meant -> I'm dead
5. Who was in Twitchett's sitting room and inspired Orlando? -> Poet