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Orpheus's Wall


Don't miss my show at the Elysian Dome tonight! Special guests include Calliope and the Muses!

The Sirens

The Muses? What a joke. Too bad you don't have an A-list opening act.


Yeah, like who?

The Sirens

Like us, you tone deaf old hag.

Hey now, that's my mom you're talking to.

The Sirens

You mom is talentless and so are her sisters. Have the Muses ever sung so beautifully that they lured men to their deaths?


No. And we don't want to!

The Sirens

Orpheus is just afraid that we'd show him up if we were the opening act.

Whatever, I already proved that I rocked harder than you back in my days as an Argonaut.


I was there. He definitely did.

The Sirens

All we're saying is that if we were the opening act, you would see some serious crowd surfing. People would be climbing over each other to get to the stage.


If we even see your faces there, my sisters and I will pluck your feathers out all over again.

The Sirens

We'll see about that...


Love you Orpheus!

Love you!


Love you more!

Noooo... I love you more!


Nooooooooooo... me!




You guys seriously have to cut this out.

Dionysus really ought to get a handle on those Maenads of his.

You stopped worshipping me—they get pretty upset about that.

I was depressed! Eurydice had just been re-trapped in the Underworld.

Yeah, well, it's your own fault. How hard was it to just not look back?

I was worried about her. I couldn't help myself.


Awww, Orphy... you're sooooo sweet. At least, we're together now!

I know! And I'm so happy about it. But I can't say that dismemberment would've been my preferred method of death…

Stop whining. You aren't a real rock star until you go out in blaze of glory. My followers gave you that. We made you a legend!

Don't expect a thank-you card anytime soon…

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