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Our Town

Our Town


by Thornton Wilder

George Gibbs Timeline and Summary

  • George tosses and catches a baseball in the street. He compliments Emily on the speech she gave in class.
  • George asks Emily if she would help him with homework from time to time.
  • George leaves to go to the baseball field.
  • George signals to Emily from his window. He asks for help on the third problem in homework.
  • George has been elected class president.
  • He offers to carry Emily’s books, and walks with her.
  • George asks Emily why she’s been acting coldly towards him. He appreciates it when she tells him the truth.
  • George invites Emily to the drugstore to get ice cream sodas. He buys them strawberry ice-cream phosphates… on credit.
  • George decides that he will not go to agriculture school. He would rather stay with Emily. He asks Emily whether she feels the same way about him.
  • Wedding Day: George goes over to the Webb house to talk with Emily.
  • George talks with Mr. Webb about being a groom.
  • George goes back home, dejected from not having seen Emily.
  • At the ceremony, George hesitates. He tells his mom that he doesn’t want to grow old, but he snaps out of it pretty quickly.
  • George and Emily are married.
  • George visits Emily’s gravesite after her funeral. He throws himself on the ground in front of her grave.