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Our Town

Our Town


by Thornton Wilder

Mr. Webb Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Webb enters and offers information on the political and social side of Grover’s Corners. The town is 86% Republican and 85% Protestant. Ninety percent of high school graduates settle in Grover’s Corners.
  • Mr. Webb nags Emily to walk more simply when she saunters like royalty. After Emily teasingly talks back, she kisses her father.
  • Mr. Webb and Constable Warren discuss Simon’s drunkenness outside.
  • Mr. Webb tries to converse with Simon when he stumbles by. He offers to walk with him.
  • Mr. Webb talks George through his cold feet. Mr. Webb also asks George about chickens on his future farm. Mr. Webb is excited about putting an incubator in his cellar.
  • Mr. Webb reminds Mrs. Webb how awkward it can be for a father to be left alone with his only daughter’s future husband.
  • When Emily demonstrates doubt at her wedding, Mr. Webb jumps in to mollify her worries. He brings Emily and George together, and walks them to the altar.
  • Mr. Webb presumably attends Emily’s funeral in 1913.
  • Emily’s Visit to her Birthday: Mr. Webb eats breakfast and tells Mrs. Webb that he has remembered to get Emily a present.