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Our Town

Our Town


by Thornton Wilder

Mrs. Gibbs Timeline and Summary

  • Mrs. Gibbs prepares breakfast for her family.
  • She wishes Doc Gibbs could have some time off to relax.
  • Mrs. Gibbs asks her husband to speak to their son George about helping around the house. His mind has been stuck on baseball.
  • Mrs. Gibbs repeatedly calls the children, Rebecca and George, down for breakfast, warning them that they’ll be late for school.
  • Mrs. Gibbs feeds the chickens with food in her apron.
  • Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb begin talking and working on pulling string beans together.
  • Mrs. Gibbs tells Mrs. Webb exciting news: she’s been offered $350 for a piece of her grandmother’s furniture. She confesses she’s unsure about taking the offer. Mrs. Gibbs dreams of going to Paris, but Doc Gibbs refuses to travel for fear he will find Grover’s Corners to be boring.
  • Mrs. Gibbs walks back with other ladies in the choir. They gossip about Simon Stimson’s drunkenness.
  • Mrs. Gibbs prepares breakfast for her family.
  • Mrs. Gibbs asks for three bottles of milk and two bottles of cream from Howie. She has relatives staying in the house.
  • Mrs. Gibbs is emotional about her son getting married. She thinks that George and Emily are too young to take care of themselves, let alone each other.
  • Mrs. Gibbs demands that George put on overshoes lest he catch cold in the rain.
  • Mrs. Gibbs died of pneumonia in Canton, Ohio while visiting Rebecca and her husband.
  • Mrs. Gibbs greets Emily when she enters the cemetery.
  • Mrs. Gibbs warns Emily about returning to her life on Earth. She advises her not to. When Emily persists, Mrs. Gibbs discourages her from selecting a particularly significant day in her life.