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Our Town

Our Town


by Thornton Wilder

Mrs. Webb Timeline and Summary

  • We hear about Mrs. Webb’s death from the Stage Manager before we even see the character onstage.
  • Mrs. Webb begins preparing breakfast for her family.
  • Mrs. Webb calls her children, Wally and Emily, down for breakfast.
  • Mrs. Webb strings beans next door to Mrs. Gibbs, who is feeding chickens.
  • Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb talk while pulling string beans together.
  • Mrs. Webb tells Emily that she’s good looking.
  • Mrs. Webb prepares breakfast for her family on the day of the wedding.
  • Mrs. Webb almost bars George from entering the house, arguing that superstition decrees that a groom mustn’t see a bride before the wedding. She tells him that Emily isn’t even awake yet. Mrs. Webb invites George to stay and have coffee with Mr. Webb. Mrs. Webb goes upstairs to prevent Emily from seeing George by accident.
  • Mrs. Webb comes back downstairs. She says that Emily wants George to leave because she’s coming down for breakfast.
  • Mrs. Webb gets emotional as she walks to her seat in church during her daughter's wedding.
  • Mrs. Webb talks sense into George when he has cold feet.
  • Emily’s Visit to her Birthday: Mrs. Webb asks Mr. Webb if he has remembered to buy Emily a present.
  • Mrs. Webb prepares breakfast for her daughter and insists that she eats good and slow.
  • Mrs. Webb shows Emily the presents that loved ones have given to her.