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Our Town

Our Town


by Thornton Wilder

Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Act I


1. Who is on the stage when the play begins?
2. What is the name of the town?
3. When will the first automobile come along?
4. What does Editor Webb produce?
5. What does the Stage Manager tell us has never come out of Grover's Corners?
6. What does the train whistle signal?
7. What happens to Joe, the paperboy?
8. What does Mrs. Gibbs want Doc Gibbs to talk to their son about?
9. What does the Cartwright family own?
10. Where does Mrs. Gibbs have dreams of traveling to and why doesn't Doc Gibbs want to go?
11. What is Doc Gibbs and expert on?
12. Whom does the Stage Manager ask if they have any questions?
13. What is more important in Grover's Corners than classical music?
14. What does George want to do with his life?
15. What does the Stage Manager want to go in the time capsule?


1. No one.
2. Grover's Corners.
3. In 5 years.
4. The Grover's Corners Sentinel.
5. Anything remarkable.
6. The 5:45am departure for Boston.
7. He graduates high school, goes to MIT on a scholarship and then dies in France during WWI.
8. Chores around the house.
9. A factory that manufactures blankets.
10. Mrs. Gibbs has dreams of travelling to Paris, but Doc Gibbs doesn't want to go because he thinks then he will find Grover's Corners boring.
11. The Civil War.
12. The audience.
13. Watching the sun come up over the mountains.
14. He wants to inherit his uncle's farm and be a farmer.
15. He wants a copy of Our Town to go in the time capsule, so that people can read about life in small town America.