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Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow


by Judy Garland


Influences on Judy Garland

Judy Garland's parents were vaudeville producers who owned a small theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her first performance as a singer happened at age 2 (when she did "Jingle Bells" to much applause at her parents' theater). She quickly joined the singing group made up of her two sisters, known as the Gumm Sisters. The family moved to California in 1926 and the group began to tour, staying together as the Gumm Sisters and then the Garland Sisters until 1935—when Judy was still only 13. That was the year she signed a contract with MGM as a singer-actress. Thus, Garland's primary influences as a youngster were her parents, and the obscure singers on the vaudeville circuit.

Influenced by Judy Garland

Bette Midler
Freddie Mercury
Donna Summer
Sandra Lawrence
Katie Melua
Linnzi Zaorski
Judy Barnett
Adi Braun
Janelle Monáe
Helmut Lotti
Rufus Wainwright

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