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A Prayer for Owen Meany

A Prayer for Owen Meany


by John Irving

Dan Needham Timeline and Summary

  • Dan and Tabby meet on the Boston & Maine train line while Dan is on his way to interview for a teaching position at Gravesend Academy. They fall in love.
  • Dan and Johnny meet for the first time. Dan presents him with a stuffed armadillo.
  • Dan and Tabby date for four years before they finally get married in July of 1952.
  • Dan's wife, Tabby, dies when a foul ball hits her in the head.
  • Dan cries at Tabby's funeral. He then tells Johnny that he's as good as a real son to him, and he is more than welcome to continue living with him.
  • Dan tells Johnny that he has to give Owen some kind of gift in return for Owen's baseball card collection.
  • Dan directs a production of A Christmas Carol and ends up casting Owen as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.
  • After Owen freaks out at the Christ Church Christmas pageant, Dan tells Barb Wiggin that she needs to back off – she has no right to threaten Owen.
  • When Owen freaks out during the production of A Christmas Carol, Dan tries to reassure him that he didn't really see the date of his death – he has a fever and must be hallucinating or something.
  • Dan teaches John how to drive.
  • Dan warns Owen to be careful about what he writes in The Grave, because Mr. White seems to have it out for him.
  • Dan and John overhear Owen sobbing to Rev. Merrill about how he's still having "the dream."
  • Dan tells John that it was Tabby's idea for them to join the Episcopal Church.
  • Dan also tells John that his birth father was threatening to reveal himself to John if Dan and Tabby got married, which explains why Tabby waited for four years to walk down the aisle.