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Pandora Photos

    It Wasn't Really a Box
    Everybody thinks I opened a box, but really it was a big jar thing—either way, it was terrible. [Pandora by Jules Joseph Lefebvre, 1882]

    A Jar
    See, I told you it wasn't a box. [Eva Prima Pandora by Jean Cousin el Viejo, 1550]

    I'm Sorry!
    I was just curious, okay? [Pandora by John William Waterhouse, 1896]

    Again… I didn't mean to
    Come on, everybody's done something they really regret, right? [Pandora by Arthur Rackham, Early 20th Century]

    It Was a Set Up
    Zeus knew I would do this when he had me made. When you think of it, it's totally not my fault. (And look—I tried to close it!) [Pandora by F.S. Church, 19th century

    My Loving Husband
    Oh Epimetheus, if only I'd known... [Pandora Offers the Box to Epimetheus by Paolo Farinati, 16th century]