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Pandora's Wall


Just so you know, I blame you for every bad thing that happened to me.

What?! I didn't make you sleep with your mother, kill your father, and gouge out your own eyes.

You let everything that's bad out into the world—it's all your fault.

It was Zeus! I was an innocent pawn! He was just trying to punish humanity because Prometheus gave us fire.

I didn't make you open that jar.

You had me made! You knew what I'd do.

Yes, and I don't care.

Starting an Underworld book club. Anybody want to join?

Sorry, Orpheus and I are really busy with his comeback tour.

I would, but my garden really needs all my attention right now.

I can't read. ☺

People already hate me—I can't be seen associating with you.

Wow, you couldn't even make up an excuse?

Just tellin' it to you straight, sweetie pie.

Just got a lovely gift from Zeus in the mail. I wonder what's inside?


Don't open it!


Mom, seriously???

Don't do it, Aunt Pandora!

JK...no jar here. ☺


That was seriously not funny.

In this life so full of suffering, you either laugh or you cry.

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