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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost


by John Milton

Adam Timeline and Summary

  • Adam and Eve are observed eating a meal by Satan.
  • Adam addresses Eve, saying God must be infinitely good and that they should praise him.
  • Adam tells Eve that it's bedtime as night falls in Paradise. He and Eve praise God before going into their bower and having sex.
  • Adam wakes Eve with his whispers before leading her forth to pray to God.
  • He discerns Raphael walking towards them, and asks Eve to prepare a meal fit to entertain him (Raphael).
  • He greets Raphael, invites him back to his place, eats with him, and then asks him a bunch of questions.
  • He learns about how to attain knowledge and become all spirit; he also learns about how Satan's revolt got started in Heaven, how it fared, and how the world was created.
  • He tells Raphael about his first memories in the garden, about how he woke up, heard a voice, and wandered over to a hill.
  • He repeats his conversation with God, in which he asked God for a partner.
  • Eventually, Raphael has to leave and he and Adam say their goodbyes.
  • He consents to spend time laboring away from Eve on the day of the Fall.
  • While waiting for Eve, he makes a little garland for her hair. When he goes to meet Eve, he sees she has some of that evil fruit with her.
  • She eventually persuades him to eat, after which they engage in some really lusty sex. After they wake up, they argue for a while.
  • He hides from the Son, who has come to execute justice. Adam says he's hiding because he's embarrassed because he is naked.
  • Eventually, he admits what he's done, and learns his punishment.
  • Later, when he sees the animals fighting, he delivers a huge lament about his circumstances.
  • The angel Michael comes down from Heaven and leads him to the top of the highest mountain in Paradise.
  • There Michael does something to his eyes and allows him to see all kinds of future events.
  • Afterwards, Michael leads him down the mountain, where he rejoins Eve.
  • They leave the garden together, holding hands.