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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost


by John Milton

Eve Timeline and Summary

  • Eve agrees with Adam's assessment of God's infinite goodness.
  • She recounts the story of her birth; she awoke, then wandered to a lake and saw her own reflection in the water, which enthralled her.
  • The voice of God (though she doesn't know it's God's voice) led her to Adam. She tried to leave Adam but he called her back.
  • She prays to God with Adam before making love to him in their bower.
  • Satan whispers evil thoughts into her ear while she is sleeping.
  • She wakes up and tells Adam she's had a nightmare.
  • She's led by a tempter (in her dream) to the Tree of Knowledge. She eats the fruit, flies up to heaven, but then falls back down.
  • She prays to God with Adam before going to work in the garden.
  • She picks fruits for Raphael during his visit and sits nearby while he and Adam converse.
  • She gets up and leaves after Raphael describes the creation of the world.
  • On the morning of the Fall, she tells Adam that they don't always get that much done when they work together so they should separate for a while.
  • They separate; after a short time, Eve is accosted by Satan disguised as the serpent.
  • She asks him how he learned to talk; after he tells her, she asks him to lead her to the tree from which he acquired his powers.
  • Satan continues to persuade Eve of the virtues of the fruit; eventually, she falls prey to his (faulty) reasoning and flattery and eats the fruit.
  • She returns towards the spot where she left Adam, carrying a bunch of fruit.
  • Eventually, she convinces Adam to eat, after which they engage in lustful sex. In the aftermath, they argue about the fruit from the forbidden tree, each trying to blame the other.
  • She faces the Son and admits to her mistake; she feels horrible.
  • Eventually, she sees Adam in despair and goes towards him to try and make amends.
  • Eve says she deserves to be reproached, but her judge was very kind.
  • She tells Adam it's time to go to work and that she'll never stray from him again.
  • Michael tells her she must leave Paradise, and she gets really upset.
  • Michael puts her to sleep while he leads Adam up the mountain.
  • She wakes up, says some tender words to Adam, and exits the garden with him.