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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost


by John Milton

God Timeline and Summary

  • Book 3 opens with God. He begins by addressing his son and other angels, telling them all about Satan's malicious plans.
  • He knows Satan will succeed in his attempts to ruin mankind. He'll forgive man eventually because it won't be entirely his fault.
  • He says he created mankind, the angels, everybody free to make their own decisions.
  • He asks if anybody is willing to become mortal and die for man's sins.
  • The Son volunteers, and God makes him his regent.
  • He observes Satan mustering a rebellion in response to the power he gives His Son.
  • When Abdiel returns, he tells him he's made the more difficult but the correct decision.
  • He orders Gabriel and Michael to destroy the rebel angels in battle.
  • He sees the battle from his throne, and tells His Son to mount his (God's) chariot and send the rebel angels to Hell.
  • After the battle, he decides to create another world, in order to make up for the angels that Satan took with him to Hell.
  • He makes His son the executive of his creative powers, which the Son uses to create the world.
  • After the Fall, he speaks from his "secret cloud" and tells the angels not to be "dismayed."
  • Then, he sends his Son down to execute justice on Adam and Eve.
  • He observes Sin and Death wreaking havoc in Paradise.
  • He receives Adam and Eve's prayers via the Son. He forgives mankind, but says they still have to leave Paradise.
  • He says he wants to address all his angels and explain to them his decisions.
  • He orders Michael to go down to earth and banish Adam and Eve from Paradise. He also tells him to reveal to Adam what will happen in the future.