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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost


by John Milton

Paradise Lost Resources


Full Text of Paradise Lost

A great online edition of Paradise Lost.

John Milton Site

A nice website dedicated to Milton, from Luminarium.org.

The Restoration

A website about the Restoration of the English monarchy. This BBC site is helpful if you're looking for some historical context on time in which Milton lived.

Movie or TV Productions

Paradise Lost, 2011

Big budget movie from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

Paradise Lost, 2012

Indie-style film from Granite Entertainment and STV Networks.


Paradise Lost Book 1
A pretty sweet animation of Book 1.


John Milton

John Milton looking super-handsome.

Milton's Cosmos

A drawing of Milton's conception of the universe.

Milton's Cosmos Again

A simpler, but less pretty, drawing of Milton's universe.

Illustrations of Paradise Lost

The Romantic poet William Blake's Paradise Lost pictures.

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