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by Dante Alighieri

Beatrice Portinari Timeline and Summary

  • Beatrice explains the order of the universe to Dante as they're ascending to the First Heaven.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the First Heaven: sphere of the Moon.
  • Beatrice vigorously corrects Dante for his incorrect explanation of moon-spots.
  • She explains the true place of the blessed souls and vows in terms of absolute and contingent will.
  • Dante and Beatrice arrive in the Second Heaven: sphere of Mercury.
  • Beatrice explains the Divine Justice of the Crucifixion and the destruction of Jerusalem.
  • They arrive in the Third Heaven: sphere of Venus.
  • They arrive in the Fourth Heaven: sphere of the Sun.
  • A crown of souls surrounds him and Beatrice.
  • She asks King Solomon to teach Dante about the light of the souls.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Fifth Heaven: sphere of Mars.
  • Beatrice smiles at Dante's foolish pride over his bloodline.
  • She dazzles Dante with her gaze.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Sixth Heaven: sphere of Jupiter.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Seventh Heaven: sphere of Saturn.
  • Beatrice explains why Dante fainted at the spirits' outcry.
  • She urges Dante to look down on the Earth.
  • They ascend to the Eighth Heaven: sphere of the Fixed Stars.
  • Beatrice awaits the coming of Christ in the East.
  • They witness the coronation of Mary and the re-ascension of Christ and Mary.
  • Beatrice asks St. Peter to examine Dante on faith.
  • She asks St. James to examine Dante on hope.
  • After St. John's examination on charity, Beatrice restores Dante's sight.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Ninth Heaven: the Primum Mobile.
  • Beatrice rants against the world's straying from God's path and prophecies its redemption.
  • Dante witnesses the model of the nine Angelic Intelligences and Beatrice explains its relation to the material universe to him.
  • Beatrice tells Dante the Creation story.
  • They arrive in the Tenth Heaven: the Empyrean.
  • Beatrice shows Dante the seat reserved for Henry VIII in the Celestial Rose.
  • Beatrice disappears, much to Dante's chagrin, and St. Bernard's replaces her.
  • Dante sends a prayer of thanks up to Beatrice in her seat.
  • Beatrice joins in St. Bernard's prayer to Mary on Dante's behalf.