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by Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri Timeline and Summary

  • Dante invokes Apollo and the Muses to help him remember and compose his poem.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the First Heaven: sphere of the Moon.
  • Dante attempts to explain why there are moon-spots on the moon. Beatrice vigorously corrects him.
  • Dante mistakes souls for reflections of corporeal spirits.
  • Dante meets Piccarda Donati and learns about vows.
  • Dante and Beatrice arrive in the Second Heaven: sphere of Mercury.
  • He meets Justinian.
  • They arrive in the Third Heaven: sphere of Venus.
  • He meets Charles Martel and learns about providence.
  • They arrive in the Fourth Heaven: sphere of the Sun.
  • A crown of souls surrounds him and Beatrice.
  • St. Thomas teaches him about St. Francis.
  • St. Bonaventure teaches him about St. Dominic.
  • St. Thomas teaches him about King Solomon and warns him against hasty judgments.
  • King Solomon teaches him about the light of the souls.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Fifth Heaven: sphere of Mars.
  • He sees the starry Cross.
  • Cacciaguida teaches Dante about his noble bloodline, ancient Florence, and his destiny.
  • Dante is proud of his bloodline.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Sixth Heaven: sphere of Jupiter.
  • He sees the message about justice and watches the Eagle form.
  • The Eagle teaches Dante about Divine Justice and introduces the six spirits in its eye.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Seventh Heaven: sphere of Saturn.
  • Dante sees the golden ladder and meets St. Peter Damian.
  • Dante meets St. Benedict.
  • He gazes down towards Earth.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Eighth Heaven: sphere of the Fixed Stars.
  • He witnesses the coronation of Mary and the re-ascent of Christ and Mary.
  • St. Peter examines Dante on faith.
  • St. James examines Dante on hope.
  • St. John examines Dante on charity, while he is blind.
  • Adam answers Dante's questions.
  • He and Beatrice arrive in the Ninth Heaven: Primum Mobile.
  • Dante witnesses the model of the nine Angelic Intelligences and Beatrice explains to him its relation to the material universe.
  • Beatrice tells Dante the Creation story.
  • They arrive in the Tenth Heaven: the Empyrean.
  • Dante witnesses the Celestial Rose.
  • Dante is surprised at Beatrice's disappearance and St. Bernard's appearance.
  • St. Bernard explains the placement of the blessed in the Celestial Rose.
  • St. Bernard prays on Dante's behalf to Mary to see God.
  • Dante sees the image of God in the Holy Trinity.