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by Dante Alighieri

Paradiso Theme of Politics

The biggest connection one can draw between Divine Justice and the human legal system is that the relationship between the people and the governing body is much the same. The citizens and the state (or God) enter into a mutually agreed upon contract (or covenant), by which the one body consents to be ruled by the other, with some conditions.

Among these conditions are laws (or God's will). Those who adhere to the laws are considered good citizens; those who violate those laws are subject to punishment. Thus, one may view God's will as law; those who learn to conform to it become the blessed, worthy of Heaven.

Questions About Politics

  1. Name a few individual sins that have become societal, political, or institutional problems.
  2. Why is Charles Martel concerned about people's citizenship? Why does this matter in Heaven? What does it mean to be a good citizen in the City of God?
  3. How can God's system of Divine Justice be likened to mankind's legal system? How does this shed new light on the crime committed by Adam in tasting of the forbidden fruit?
  4. How do the blessed souls in Heaven maintain their individual identities if their free wills have all been aligned with God's?

Chew on This

Try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devil’s advocate.

A blessed soul cannot maintain his individuality in Heaven because he has willingly aligned his free will with God's.

A blessed soul can indeed maintain his individuality in Heaven because even though he has aligned his free will with God's, God smiles upon and celebrates human diversity.

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