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by Dante Alighieri

Paradiso Resources

Movie or TV Productions

A Divina Comédie (1991)
A French movie in which one of the characters recites passages from Dante's Divine Comedy.


"Why doesn't anyone read Dante's Paradiso?"

An insightful article with some recommendations on new Paradiso translations.

Dante's Divine Comedy

The full Italian text of the Divine Comedy and a bunch of translations.

The Divine Comedy Translation

An online translation of the Divine Comedy by poet Henry Longfellow.


Dante's Paradiso

An awesome website done by UT Austin on Paradiso; it has pictures, audio clips of the original Italian, amazing pictures, and full summaries of the action on every sphere.

Filigrane divine: Watermarks as images in Dante's Paradiso

An intriguing study between Dante's images of Heaven and contemporary watermarks, by Gloria Allaire.

The Princeton Dante Project

An authoritative and comprehensive site, including translations, analysis, images, audio, and more.

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