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Paris Photos

I Thought It Was My Lucky Day
Three goddesses show up, get naked, and offer me everything I ever wanted. How did it go so wrong? [The Judgement of Paris by Enrique Simonet, 1904]

Don't Let This Picture Fool You
Helen loved me at first sight. Don't believe the rumors that Aphrodite forced her! [Helen Brought to Paris by Benjamin West, 1776]

Helen and Me
We're both so beautiful! Obviously it was a mistake that we weren't together in the first place. [The Love of Helen and Paris by Jacques-Louis David, 1788]

My Rude Brother
Hector never did learn how to knock. [Hector Addressing Reproaches to Paris by Pierre Coude François Delorme]

Killing Achilles
Okay, so maybe shooting Achilles with an arrow in the heel was a bit cowardly, but how else were we going to take out that guy? [Death of Achilles by Peter Paul Rubens, 1630-1632]

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