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A Passage to India

A Passage to India


by E.M. Forster

Adela Quested Timeline and Summary

  • At the Chandrapore club's performance of Cousin Kate, Adela announces that she wants to see the "real" India.
  • Adela is delighted when Mr. Turton offers to set up a Bridge Party so that she can meet Indians.
  • On the way back to Ronny Heaslop's bungalow, Adela is pleased to learn that Mrs. Moore has met Dr. Aziz, a "real" Indian.
  • At the Bridge Party, Adela is dismayed to discover that the British and the Indians are not socializing.
  • Adela and Mrs. Moore are introduced to Mrs. Bhattacharya and Mrs. Das by Mrs. Turton. Adela and Mrs. Moore arrange to call on the Bhattacharyas the following Thursday.
  • Adela meets Mr. Fielding, who invites her and Mrs. Moore to a tea party at the college, where he will also invite Dr. Aziz.
  • Adela, Ronny, and Mrs. Moore head back to Ronny's bungalow, where they have dinner with the McBrydes and Miss Derek.
  • Adela and Mrs. Moore attend Fielding's tea party. They express their puzzlement at the absence of the Bhattacharyas when they went to call on them earlier that morning.
  • At the tea party, Fielding takes Mrs. Moore on a tour of the college, leaving Adela alone to chat with Aziz. During their conversation, Adela casually says that she doesn't plan on staying in India. It's only after she makes the statement that she realizes that this means that she doesn't plan on marrying Ronny.
  • Aziz spontaneously invites her and the other tea party guests to an excursion to the caves.
  • Adela's conversation with Aziz is interrupted by Ronny, who arrives to escort her and Mrs. Moore to a polo match. Before they leave, Adela and the other guests are entertained by a song from Professor Godbole.
  • On the way to the polo match, Adela and Ronny argue. They drop off Mrs. Moore at the bungalow.
  • At the polo match, Adela refuses to marry Ronny. The Nawab Bahadur takes them for a ride in his new car, but they get into an accident. On the drive home, Adela changes her mind and agrees to marry Ronny.
  • Adela and Ronny tell Mrs. Moore about their engagement. Adela ends the evening by playing cards with Mrs. Moore.
  • A few days later, Adela comments to Miss Derek that she wishes Aziz had remembered his invitation. Aziz hears about Adela's comment, and invites her and Mrs. Moore to go to the Marabar Caves. They accept.
  • Adela and Mrs. Moore meet Aziz at the train station, but Fielding and Godbole miss the train. Adela, Mrs. Moore, and Aziz and the rest of their party go on to the Marabar Caves.
  • At the caves, Adela believes that she has been attacked by Aziz. She runs down the hill to Miss Derek, who happens to be driving by at the time. Miss Derek drives her back to Chandrapore, leaving the rest of the party behind.
  • At the McBrydes' bungalow, Adela files charges against Aziz, and recovers from her ordeal. Cactus needles are plucked out of her skin.
  • Adela receives a letter from Fielding professing Aziz's innocence.
  • Adela is picked up from the McBrydes' bungalow by Ronny, who takes her back to his bungalow. Adela speaks with Mrs. Moore, who also believes in Aziz's innocence.
  • After Mrs. Moore leaves, Adela stays with the Turtons. On the morning of the trial, she prays, then has a drink. She complains of a persistent echo in her ear.
  • Adela and the Turtons arrive at the courthouse. After meeting up with the other British inhabitants, they file into the courtroom together. Adela notices the punkah wallah.
  • When someone in the courtroom insults her appearance, Adela feels faint. Major Callendar demands that she be given a seat on the platform. The other members of their party join Adela on the platform. After Aziz's lawyers complain, Adela follows the others off the platform.
  • Adela is called up to testify. On the stand, she realizes that she has made a mistake and retracts her charge against Aziz.
  • The courtroom in turmoil, Adela finds herself transported out of the courtroom. Fielding saves her and takes her to the college. There, they discuss what happened.
  • At the college, Ronny visits Adela and informs her that Mrs. Moore has died. Since Adela is no longer welcome at the Turtons, she and Ronny agree that she will continue to stay at the college.
  • Adela stays at the college until Aziz agrees not to press charges against her. After Ronny breaks off their engagement, she leaves Chandrapore for England. On the ship ride to England, she decides that she must contact Stella and Ralph, Mrs. Moore's other children.
  • Years later, Adela sends a letter to Fielding, who is visiting Aziz at Mau.