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A Passage to India

A Passage to India


by E.M. Forster

Cyril Fielding Timeline and Summary

  • At the Bridge Party, Fielding meets Adela and Mrs. Moore and invites them over for tea at the college. Informed that Mrs. Moore has met Dr. Aziz, Fielding agrees to invite him to tea as well.
  • Just before the tea party begins, Aziz arrives while Fielding is getting dressed and offers him a collar stud.
  • At the tea party, Fielding entertains Adela, Mrs. Moore, and Professor Godbole. He takes Mrs. Moore on a tour of the college grounds. He returns to find that Ronny Heaslop has arrived to take Adela and Mrs. Moore to a polo match.
  • A few days later, Fielding calls on Aziz because Aziz is reputed to be unwell. He finds that Aziz has company. When Aziz's guests leave, Aziz shows a photograph of his wife to Fielding, establishing their friendship.
  • Fielding arrives at the train station to attend Aziz's picnic to the Marabar Caves. But Godbole's prayers have made him late, and he misses the train. Fielding meets Miss Derek in town, who offers to drive him to the caves.
  • At the caves, Fielding meets up with Aziz, but finds that Adela has run off with Miss Derek. Suspicious, he accompanies Aziz and the rest of the party back to Chandrapore, where Aziz is promptly arrested.
  • Fielding is called away by Mr. Turton, but they part because Fielding insists on Aziz's innocence.
  • Fielding attempts to visit Aziz at the prison, but McBryde refuses to let him visit Aziz without a magistrate's order.
  • Outside the prison, Fielding meets Hamidullah, who tells him about plans for Aziz's defense.
  • Fielding heads back to the college, where Godbole makes some confusing comments that seem to have no relation to the day's events.
  • After getting a magistrate's order, Fielding visits Aziz, who is too miserable to talk coherently. Fielding decides to write a letter to Adela, asking her to reconsider her charge.
  • At the club, Fielding effectively resigns from the club when he refuses to stand when Ronny walks into the room. Fielding makes a brief statement in Aziz's defense and leaves the club.
  • Fielding joins up with Aziz's friends, who are making plans for Aziz's defense. He then returns back to the college, hoping to have a chat with Godbole to see what he thinks of things, but Godbole slips away before they get a chance to talk.
  • In the courtroom, Fielding sits with the rest of the Indians while the other British characters sit up front with Adela. In the tumult following Adela's withdrawing her charge, Fielding rescues Adela from the crowd and takes her back to the college.
  • At the college, Fielding and Adela chat about the events. Ronny shows up, and Fielding agrees to let Adela stay at the college.
  • Fielding leaves to celebrate with Aziz and his friends at Zulfiqar's estate. At the celebrations, Fielding tries to convince Aziz not to pursue a lawsuit against Adela for damages.
  • After the celebration, Aziz decides not to pursue charges, Adela leaves the college, and Fielding also leaves Chandrapore for a conference.
  • When he returns, he meets up with Aziz, who angers him with the insinuation that he had an affair with Adela when she was staying at the club. Fielding later sails for England.
  • A few years later, Fielding arrives in Mau with Stella Moore, his wife, and Ralph Moore, his wife's brother. At Mau, he meets Aziz again, and realizes that Aziz's attitude toward him is explained by Aziz's mistaken belief that he has married Adela.
  • Fielding takes a boat out on the Mau tank with Stella to view the festival. On the tank, they collide with Aziz's boat, which also happens to be carrying Ralph. They all fall into the tank.
  • Later, Fielding goes on a horse ride with Aziz, where he finds that they have both become more entrenched in their views on politics.