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A Passage to India

A Passage to India


by E.M. Forster

Dr. Aziz Timeline and Summary

  • Aziz arrives at Hamidullah's for dinner. He's interrupted by a message from Major Callendar, who wants to see him right away. On the way to Callendar's, Aziz's bike breaks down, and Aziz takes a tonga the rest of the way.
  • When Aziz arrives at Callendar's, he's informed that Callendar has already left. Callendar's wife and another Englishwoman swipe his tonga. Miffed, Aziz walks home.
  • On the way, he stops by a mosque, where he meets Mrs. Moore. Charmed, he walks her back to the club.
  • A few days later, Aziz plans on going to the Bridge Party, but it's on the anniversary of his wife's death. After sending a telegram to his children, he stops by the maidan to ride Hamidullah's pony. He meets a soldier, and they play polo together.
  • When he arrives home, Dr. Lal chides him for skipping out on the Bridge Party. Aziz receives an invitation to Fielding's tea party.
  • On the day of the tea party, Aziz arrives at Fielding's early. He lends Fielding a collar stud, and they hit it off.
  • Aziz meets Mrs. Moore again, and Adela. On an impulse, he invites them to the Marabar Caves. While Aziz chats alone with Adela, Ronny Heaslop shows up to take Adela and Mrs. Moore home. Aziz and Ronny are rude to each other.
  • Later in town, Aziz is at a gathering where the Nawab Bahadur tells the story of his recent car accident with Ronny and Adela.
  • After the tea party, Aziz calls in sick for a few days. He is visited by a few of his friends, as well as Fielding. Lal pops in on Callendar's orders to see if Aziz is really ill, then leaves. After the rest of his friends leave, Aziz shows Fielding a photograph of his wife as a gesture of friendship.
  • After hearing a rumor that Adela is offended that Aziz has forgotten his invitation, Aziz invites Adela, Mrs. Moore, Fielding, and Godbole to a picnic at the Marabar Caves.
  • At the train station, Aziz meets up with Adela and Mrs. Moore, but Fielding and Godbole have missed the train.
  • At the caves, Aziz treats his guests to an elaborate picnic. After the first cave, Mrs. Moore doesn't want to sightsee anymore, so Aziz takes Adela up to a cave along with a guide.
  • Along the way, he is offended by Adela's questions and hides in a cave to smoke and recover his composure. When he leaves the cave, he has lost Adela, but then notices that she has run down to meet her friend in the car below. He finds her broken field glasses.
  • Back at the picnic, Aziz greets Fielding, and along with Mrs. Moore, and the rest of the party, they return to Chandrapore.
  • When they return to Chandrapore, Aziz is immediately arrested and taken into custody, much to his dismay.
  • Aziz is momentarily out on bail, but he is put back into prison after he gets into a car accident during Mohurram.
  • With the support of Fielding and his Indian friends, Aziz goes on trial. To his surprise, Adela retracts her charge and he is free.
  • Upon leaving the courthouse, Aziz and his friends arrive at the hospital with the idea of destroying it, but they are convinced not to by Dr. Lal.
  • Whisked away to Mr. Zulfiqar's estate for a victory celebration, Aziz rejects Fielding's request that he not pursue a lawsuit against Adela for damages. Later, he agrees not to pursue charges against Adela.
  • After the trial, Aziz hears a rumor that Fielding had an affair with Adela. When Fielding returns from a conference, Aziz obliquely confronts Fielding about the rumor. Although Fielding denies it, Aziz convinces himself that the rumor is true. He leaves town to return his children to their grandmother while Fielding leaves for England.
  • A few years later, Aziz is the royal doctor at Mau, a position that Professor Godbole helped him find.
  • At Mau, Fielding shows up again. Aziz's belief that Fielding married Adela is proven wrong when he discovers that Fielding has arrived at Mau with his wife, Stella Moore, (Mrs. Moore's daughter), and her brother Ralph.
  • Aziz shows up at the European Guest House thinking that everyone has left to see the Gokul Ashtami festival at the tank. But Ralph has stayed behind, and they become friends.
  • Aziz takes Ralph out on the tank to view the festival. While rowing in the tank, they collide with Fielding and Stella's boat, and collapse in the water.
  • Afterwards, Aziz goes on a horse ride with Fielding, where he discovers that both of them have grown more entrenched in their political positions.