A Passage to India
A Passage to India
by E.M. Forster

A Passage to India Learning Guide: Table of Contents

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory
Social Occasions: Parties, Picnics, and Festivals
Mosque, Cave, Temple, and a few comments on the weather
The Sky
Narrator Point of View
Writing Style
What's Up With the Title?
What's Up With the Ending?
Plot Analysis
Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis: The Quest
Three Act Plot Analysis
Steaminess Rating
Brief Summary
Part 1, Chapter 1
Part 1, Chapter 2
Part 1, Chapter 3
Part 1, Chapter 4
Part 1, Chapter 5
Part 1, Chapter 6
Part 1, Chapter 7
Part 1, Chapter 8
Part 1, Chapter 9
Part 1, Chapter 10
Part 1, Chapter 11
Part 2, Chapter 12
Part 2, Chapter 13
Part 2, Chapter 14
Part 2, Chapter 15
Part 2, Chapter 16
Part 2, Chapter 17
Part 2, Chapter 18
Part 2, Chapter 19
Part 2, Chapter 20
Part 2, Chapter 21
Part 2, Chapter 22
Part 2, Chapter 23
Part 2, Chapter 24
Part 2, Chapter 25
Part 2, Chapter 26
Part 2, Chapter 27
Part 2, Chapter 28
Part 2, Chapter 29
Part 2, Chapter 30
Part 2, Chapter 31
Part 2, Chapter 32
Part 3, Chapter 33
Part 3, Chapter 34
Part 3, Chapter 35
Part 3, Chapter 36
Part 3, Chapter 37
Adela Quested
Adela Quested Timeline
Dr. Aziz
Dr. Aziz Timeline
Cyril Fielding
Cyril Fielding Timeline
Mrs. Moore
Professor Godbole
Ronny Heaslop
Mr. Turton
Mrs. Turton
Mr. McBryde
Miss Derek
The Subaltern
Major Callendar
Dr. Panna Lal
Mahmoud Ali
The Nawab Bahadur
Mr. Das
Stella Moore
Ralph Moore
Character Roles (Protagonist, Antagonist...)
Tools of Characterization
Power Quotes
Justice and Judgment
Justice and Judgment Quotes
Race Quotes
Gender Quotes
Friendship Quotes
Religion Quotes
Life, Consciousness, Existence
Life, Consciousness, Existence Quotes
Contrasting Regions
Contrasting Regions Quotes
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Quotes (What was Said)
Quotes (What was Said) Flashcards
Quotes (What was Said) True or False
Themes (For the Most Part)
Themes (For the Most Part) Flashcards
Themes (For the Most Part) True or False
Symbols Flashcards
Symbols True or False
First Class or Coach?
First Class or Coach? Flashcards
First Class or Coach? True or False
Unfortunately, Security was Really Slow
Unfortunately, Security was Really Slow Flashcards
Unfortunately, Security was Really Slow True or False
Viva La Revolucion!
Viva La Revolucion! Flashcards
Viva La Revolucion! True or False
Raise Your Pinky, If You Want Tea and Crumpets
Raise Your Pinky, If You Want Tea and Crumpets Flashcards
Raise Your Pinky, If You Want Tea and Crumpets True or False
Echo, Echo, Echooo, Echoooooo
Echo, Echo, Echooo, Echoooooo Flashcards
Echo, Echo, Echooo, Echoooooo True or False
Judge Judy, in India
Judge Judy, in India Flashcards
Judge Judy, in India True or False
Chicken Soup for the Anglo-Indian Soul
Chicken Soup for the Anglo-Indian Soul Flashcards
Chicken Soup for the Anglo-Indian Soul True or False
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