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Passenger Side

Passenger Side


by Wilco

Video & Audio

"Passenger Side" Live on JBTV

This is a great clip of an early Wilco performing "Passenger Side," with Jeff Tweedy in his more Country/Western persona. His voice is hoarse and tired, and he complains that he's been singing for four weeks straight on the road.

Jeff Tweedy on the Tortured Artists

Here you can watch a brief clip of Jeff Tweedy talking about his idea of the "tortured artist" as well as his own past substance abuse.

Uncle Tupelo 11/92 – "No Depression"

Watch Uncle Tupelo at a low-key gig in 1992, playing their cover of the Carter Family song "No Depression." Jay Farrar sings lead, while Jeff Tweedy strums guitar on the right.

The Carter Family: "No Depression in Heaven" 1936 Radio Transcription

Hear the original version of the song that provided the title for Uncle Tupelo's album and which eventually became the label of an entire underground movement.

Talking to Wilco's Jeff Tweedy

Check out interviews in both print and audio with Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy, featured in the Arts section of Time.

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