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The Hidden One

Symbol Analysis

Here's the last audience member we get a chance to meet. If the Maiden was a stand in for sadness, and the Optimist for luck and happiness, then this guy represents guilt, terror, regret, and all that other good stuff.

  • Line 33: We love this line. It has such a great, spooky, feeling to it, just like an Edgar Allan Poe story. We get a really powerful image of this guy trying to hide out in the darkness, hoping that no one will notice him. We see a look of terror on his face, maybe a little shake in his hands…creepy.
  • Line 39: We had to point this one out, mostly because of the great alliteration. Hear all those "h" sounds? "Haggard," "haunted," "hidden." Cool, huh? This is just one of those little techniques that makes Service's poems so much fun to read.

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