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The Passing of the Year

The Passing of the Year


by Robert Service

The Passing of the Year Resources


Some Other Service Poems

Here's a selection of other poems by Service from the Poetry Foundation.  The site is worth poking around on, too.  Lots of good stuff.

Big Robert Service Site

This is more of a fan-page than an academic research site.  Still, it's full of interesting tidbits, and we think it really captures how alive Service's poetry still is for so many people.


Radio Theatre Group

Listen to fun, dramatic readings of poems, including Service's "The Passing of the Year."

Robert Service's Voice?

This claims to be a recording of Service himself reading one of his poems.  No way for us to be sure, but it sounds convincing, and just a little bit eerie.  Or maybe a lot eerie…


A Classic Shot of Service

Here's the man himself, his signature, and a little bio.

Old Man/Father Time Cartoon

While we were reading this poem, we realized we'd seen this old man/old year thing before.  You know those cartoons in the paper around New Year's that show the old year as an old man and the new one as a baby?  Well, for what it's worth, here's one.

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