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Paul's Case: A Study in Temperament

Paul's Case: A Study in Temperament


by Willa Cather

Paul's Case: A Study in Temperament Resources


Put on Your Dust Mask

The Willa Cather Archive is where to get your Willa Cather freak on, with all of her published work, including letters and editorials.

Paul the Pioneer?

If you like Willa Cather and Red Cloud, Nebraska, you'll love the website of the Willa Cather Foundation.

Anyone in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame Has Got to Be Pretty Rad

Read what the cowgirls have to say about Cather, and why they have her in their hall of fame.

Movie or TV Productions

Don't Let Us Spoil the Ending

Eric Roberts plays Paul in this adaptation of "Paul's Case."


"Clues to the Complex Life of a Well-Shielded Novelist"

If "Paul's Case" got you fired up to do some more literary sleuthing, here's a review of a documentary about Willa Cather's own "bad case."


"Paul's Case Rap"

This is some good stuff, showing what you can do with a school project if you put the hours in. We're pretty sure Paul would love it.

"'Paul's Case': A Very Special Episode"

If you have $3.99 and a spare hour, you can watch a PBS adaptation of "Paul's Case."


Prepare to Flip Out, Paul

Someone made an opera about your life.

Willa With the Semi-Princess Leia Hairdo

This is a shot of our author in her younger years.

You're Gonna Be in Pictures

The poster was used to advertise a play adaptation of the story.


Does anybody have a stamp?

Why yes, we do—a Willa Cather stamp.

Willa in White

We love this shot from the PBS documentary on Willa Cather.


Willa Cather dressed like a guy.

Not Giving Anything Away

Check out the cover of the January 1905 McClure's, where "Paul's Case" was first published.

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