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Interview with Pegasus

Zephyrus: Your friendly neighborhood god of the west wind here for your daily weather report. I'm pleased to tell you all that it's going to be a lovely day on Mount Olympus. Ah, who am I kidding? It's always a lovely day for the gods. We control the weather. We are the weather! So yeah, you can expect a perfect day pretty much always. We're talking clear, beautiful skies.

[A little god in white robes runs up and whispers in Zephyrus's ear.]

Zephyrus: Wait... are you serious?

[The little god nods.]

Zephyrus: Well, gods and goddesses, it looks like the skies might not be as clear as I thought they'd be.

[Zephyrus looks sharply at the little god.]

Zephyrus: You're sure of this?

[He nods.]

Zephyrus: Don't be alarmed, but we have confirmed that a mortal is currently trying to invade Olympus. That's right. Invade Olympus. [Sighs.] I'm just the weather man. I can't believe this is happening on my watch. Can we get this on screen?

[A muscular man appears, soaring through the clouds on the back of a winged horse. Clouds whip past the two as they climb higher and higher above the slopes of Mr. Olympus.

Zephyrus's voice is heard.]

Zephyrus: Am I crazy, or is that Bellerophon and Pegasus? It is... it is… I'm sure of it. How many heroes riding winged horses can there possibly be?

[Whispering is heard.]

Zephyrus: No, no... Perseus never rode Pegasus. Why does everybody get that confused?

[The clouds darken around Bellerophon and Pegasus. The winged horse dives and spins, barely avoiding a jagged spear of lightning.]

Zephyrus: Yep—looks like my weather report was all kinds of wrong. Sorry folks, but what can you do when Zeus is angry about something?

[Bellerophon and Pegasus continue to climb through the swirling storm.]

Zephyrus: Will you look at them? They seriously can't take a hint. If this isn't hubris, then I don't know what is. I bet Pegasus is regretting that he let himself be tamed by this guy. Wait... wait... Bellerophon is trying to say something.

[Pegasus's wings strain against the wind as his rider bellows into the storm.]

Bellerophon: Hear me, Zeus! I am the slayer of the awful Chimera. Pegasus and I have faced her fiery wrath with bravery! We have earned our place among the gods!

Zephyrus: Yeah, I'm pretty sure Zeus isn't going to take that particularly well. Wait, what's that flying towards them? Zoom in on that. I bet that's Zeus's answer now.

[A little fly with some nasty looking pincers buzzes through the sky toward Bellerophon and Pegasus.]

Zephyrus: Wow, that's all Zeus sends against them? A gadfly?

[The gadfly lands on Pegasus's hind quarters and jabs its pincers into the horses skin.

Pegasus whinnies in pain and bucks wildly, trying to escape the wicked insect.

Bellerophon loses his grip, and flies from his trusted steed.

The hero screams as he tumbles toward the rocks below.]

Zephyrus: Well, I stand corrected.

[Pegasus dives toward his master, but a huge gust of wind suddenly rises and blows the horse toward the peak of Olympus.]

Zephyrus: Man, that was seriously crazy. When will mortals learn? You don't mess with Zeus! Wait... this just in. For all those Pegasus fans out there, no need to worry. Zeus has decided not to punish him. Instead, everybody's favorite flying horse is going to live out his mortal life as the bearer of the king of gods' thunderbolts. Hey, what do you know? A happy ending—for Pegasus, at least.

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