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In the Penal Colony

In the Penal Colony


by Franz Kafka

In the Penal Colony Resources

Movie or TV Productions

In the Penal Colony (2006)
The only film version of the story produced to date.


Short Independent Film of "In the Penal Colony"

Short independent film of the story on YouTube.

Trailer for In the Penal Colony

A trailer for the 2006 film.


Child Kafka

A photo of Kafka during his childhood years (possibly in 1888).

Kafka the Young Lawyer

A photo of Kafka just after receiving his law degree in 1906.

Kafka in His Last Year of Life

The famous last photo of Kafka.

Historical Documents

Original New York Times Review

The original 1948 review of the Muirs' first English-language translation of "In the Penal Colony."

Original Manuscripts of The Trial

The only original Kafka manuscripts currently available online. These selections from the manuscript of The Trial, the novel Kafka was writing when he wrote "In the Penal Colony," allow you a glimpse of his handwriting.


The Kafka Project

A very rich website, with author biography; free, translated texts of some of the stories; the stories, photographs of manuscripts (none of "In the Penal Colony"); collections of essays and articles; and more. The project itself is geared towards releasing definitive German editions of Kafka's works, which are also on the site.

Franz Kafka: Das Schloss

Another good general website, with biography, links to reviews and criticism, lists of Kafka-related events, photos, and more.

Franz Kafka Biography

A site with a biography, a couple of articles, and the text of some of Kafka's letters.

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