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The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief


by Rick Riordan

Lies and Deceit Quotes in The Lightning Thief

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"Ah, that would be my pen. Please bring your own writing utensil in the future, Mr. Jackson." (1.162)

Mr. Brunner helped keep Percy in the dark about his powers for Percy's entire sixth grade year. He lets Percy believe that Mrs. Dodds was a hallucination. Why doesn't Chiron tell Percy what's going on from the get-go, or even from the moment Mrs. Dodds attacks Percy? Why is it dangerous for Percy to know who he really is?

Quote #2

"It got so I almost believed them – Mrs. Dodds had never existed." (2.3)

Percy is a great example of how humans can convince themselves that something is true, even though it absolutely isn't true. Percy doesn't trust himself enough to stick to his guns about knowing that Mrs. Dodds turned into a monster and attacked. Because he doubts himself, he is able to stay in the dark about his superhuman powers.

Quote #3

I had always assumed he knew me as a baby. My mom had never said it outright, but still, I'd felt it must be true. Now, to be told that he'd never even seen me… (3.100)

Percy's mom lies a lot to Percy. She doesn't tell him who his dad is and says that his dad was only around the summer that Percy was conceived. She doesn't tell Percy who he (Percy) really is and what that means. She doesn't explain why she married Smelly Gabe. She doesn't tell him that Greek gods are alive and well. She lies to protect Percy.

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