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The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief


by Rick Riordan

Violence Quotes in The Lightning Thief

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

I felt like someone—something—was looking for me right now, maybe pounding its way up the stairs, growing long, horrible talons. (3.33)

Percy often has this feeling that someone is watching and waiting for him. Maybe because things are watching him from afar. Are the gods all-powerful? Can they see everything? Do they know everything? If they do, why doesn't Zeus know where his master bolt is? And how could someone like Luke steal the master bolt without the gods knowing? How powerful are these Olympians?

Quote #5

But I just stood there, frozen in fear, as the monster charged her. She tried to sidestep, as she'd told me to do, but the monster had learned his lesson. His hand shot out and grabbed her by the neck as she tried to get away. He lifted her as she struggled, kicking and pummeling the air. (4. 112)

Percy witnesses a lot of terrifying things as a twelve-year-old. How do these experiences affect him? How does watching his mother "die" change him? Does it?

Quote #6

I thought about how he had squeezed the life out of my mother, made her disappear in a flash of light, and rage filled me with high-octane fuel. I got both hands around one horn and I pulled backward with all my might. The monster tensed, gave a surprised grunt, then—snap! (4.133).

We learn that Percy gains strength and power when he's near water – he draws his strength from water. However, in this moment, there's not a drop of water in sight. It's simply Percy's rage and anger that fuels him.

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