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A Perfect Day for Bananafish

A Perfect Day for Bananafish


J.D. Salinger

Seymour Glass Timeline and Summary

  • We find out from Muriel's conversation with her mother that Seymour recently got out of the army and has some sort of mental illness. While Muriel's mother is greatly concerned, Muriel is not.
  • Cut to Seymour on the beach, lying in his bathrobe. Sybil and he make conversation; it's clear that they've become friends while staying at the hotel.
  • Seymour and Sybil banter for a bit; Seymour jokes with her about the color of her bathing suit and Sharon Lipschutz.
  • Finally Seymour decides to go into the water. He takes off his bathrobe to reveal his blue swim trunks. He folds the towel neatly and takes Sybil's hand to walk into the water.
  • Seymour tells Sybil about the bananafish.
  • In the ocean, Seymour puts Sybil on the raft and lets her get a little soaked from the waves.
  • When Sybil claims that she's seen a bananafish, Seymour kisses the arch of her foot and then tells her they're going in.
  • Back on the beach, Sybil says good-bye and leaves. Seymour goes back to the hotel, taking the poorly-inflated raft with him.
  • In the elevator, Seymour gets angry at a woman for looking at his feet.
  • In his hotel room, Seymour shoots himself while Muriel lays sleeping.

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