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A Perfect Day for Bananafish

A Perfect Day for Bananafish


by J.D. Salinger

Sybil Carpenter Timeline and Summary

  • Sybil repeats "see more glass" while her mother puts suntan oil on her shoulders. When her mother tells her to run off and play, she heads down the beach to find Seymour.
  • Sybil wants to go in the water with Seymour. She tells him that her father is coming soon, and notes that his float needs air.
  • Sybil reveals that she's jealous over Seymour's paying attention to Sharon Lipschutz.
  • As she and Seymour head into the water, Sybil and Seymour discuss Little Black Sambo.
  • In the ocean, Sybil rides on the float. Sybil listens while he describes bananafish.
  • Sybil tells Seymour not to let her get wet, but enjoys it anyway when she gets soaked by a wave.
  • Sybil exclaims that she's seen a bananafish with six bananas in its mouth.
  • She yells when Seymour kisses the arch of her foot and protests when he says they're going back to shore.
  • Back on the beach, Sybil says good-bye and runs "without regret" in the direction of the hotel.