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Persephone, Falling
Persephone, Falling
by Rita Dove

Persephone, Falling Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.
  1. Why does Persephone so desperately desire that one particular flower? Do you think that has any special meaning?
  2. What leads people to want to "stray from the herd," both in this poem, and in general?
  3. Why do parents nag their children? 
  4. Whose fault was Persephone's fall: Hers? Her mother's? Both? Is there something problematic about assigning blame? Isn't Hades to blame, too?
  5. How could Persephone's fall have been avoided?
  6. What's the effect of having this poem written in (loose) sonnet form? Does that change the way you understand the poem at all?
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