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Persephone, Falling
Persephone, Falling
by Rita Dove

Persephone, Falling Women and Femininity Quotes Page 1

How we cite the quotes:
Quote #1

[…] She pulled
stooped to pull harder— (2-3)

Persephone is one independent lady. She isn't afraid to do get dirty and do hard work. As the daughter grows older, she becomes more and more determined to accomplish things on her own. But wait—is that good or bad?

Quote #2

[…] She had strayed from the herd. (8)

Any teenage girl knows the power (both good and bad) of the herd. It seems like everyone is desperate to be known as an individual, but also scared of being caught out alone and separated from the group. Persephone, like all girls, is experimenting with that difficult balance.

Quote #3

Don't answer to strangers […]
[…] Keep your eyes down. (11-12)

See, the problem is, in order to be safe, the mom thinks, a girl has to keep her head down. But how can you ever achieve anything, learn anything, go anywhere, or have any fun, if you live your entire life afraid of the world around you?

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