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Persephone (Proserpine)'s Clique: Goth Queens

These ladies are the Queens of all that's deadly. Whenever a ghost passes into school's basement full of souls, it's the Goth Queen's job to take make sure they behave themselves. Persephone is definitely one of the gang, even if she's totally not psyched about it.


In early myths, this dark goddess was said to be the daughter of Poseidon and Demeter. She was born after Poseidon forced himself on Demeter, while they were both in the forms of horses. Later on Despoina got mushed together with Persephone, and so she got a promotion to Queen of the Dead. The name "Despoina" means "the mistress," and her real name was only revealed to those who were initiated in the Eleusinian Mysteries.


This Norse queen of the Underworld was said to be hel-ishly ugly. She ruled over the dark and dismal afterlife, crammed full of souls who never really did anything wrong. As you can probably figure out, Hell is named after this ghoulish lady from up north.


This moody lady was queen of the Underworld for folks in ancient Mesopotamia. Some say she was the undisputed ruler of all that was deadly. Others say that eventually she fell in love with Nergal, the plague god, and let him either rule beside her or take over all together. Yeah, Mesopotamian plague gods were just that sexy.


Isis was the queen bee of all Egyptian mythology. She became so popular that she was even worshipped in Rome—that's a pretty big deal. Along with her many other duties, she was considered—surprise, surprise—queen of the Underworld.

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