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by Jane Austen

Anne Elliot Timeline and Summary

  • Anne Elliot was once in love with Captain Wentworth, but Lady Russell convinced her to give him up, and she’s lived with her regret ever since.
  • Anne’s father Sir Walter rents the Elliot home to the Crofts, and Anne finds out that Mrs. Croft is Captain Wentworth’s sister.
  • The Elliots leave for Bath, while Anne goes to stay with her married sister, Mary Musgrove.
  • Anne frequently encounters Captain Wentworth, who has become popular with the Musgroves.
  • While Wentworth flirts with the Musgrove girls, especially Louisa, Anne tries to calm her strong emotions concerning him.
  • Captain Wentworth takes the Musgroves and Anne to visit his friends Captain Harville and Captain Benwick in Lyme.
  • When Louisa has an accident, Anne directs everyone as to how best to take action.
  • Anne returns to the Musgroves’ home in Uppercross to help them out while Louisa is recovering.
  • Lady Russell takes Anne to her family in Bath.
  • There Anne meets her cousin Mr. Elliot, who flirts with her.
  • Anne visits an old school friend, Mrs. Smith, who is cheerful despite her misfortunes.
  • By refusing an invitation to the home of their high-born relations the Dalrymples in order to visit Mrs. Smith, Anne incurs her father’s wrath.
  • Anne tries to convince Lady Russell that Mr. Elliot’s not for her.
  • In a letter from her sister Mary, Anne learns that Louisa is engaged to Captain Benwick.
  • Anne talks to the Admiral about Louisa’s shift in affections and its effect on Wentworth.
  • Anne runs into Wentworth in a candy shop, but has to leave him to walk home with Mr. Elliot.
  • Worry about how Lady Russell will react to re-meeting Wentworth occupies Anne’s mind.
  • Anne meets Wentworth at a concert, and talks about the events in Lyme.
  • Anne realizes that Wentworth still loves her.
  • At a break in the concert, Anne tries to get Wentworth’s attention, but jealousy of Mr. Elliot keeps him away.
  • The next day Anne visits Mrs. Smith, who tells her all about Mr. Elliot’s villainous history.
  • When Anne next encounters Mr. Elliot, she politely snubs him.
  • Anne visits the Musgroves, who are now staying in Bath, and there sees Captain Harville and Captain Wentworth.
  • Anne speaks briefly with Captain Wentworth, but is interrupted.
  • The next day Anne visits the Musgroves again, and again encounters Harville and Wentworth.
  • Anne and Harville discuss gender and constancy in love.
  • Anne finds a letter left for her by Wentworth.
  • Reading the letter, Anne discovers it to be a declaration of Wentworth’s love for her.
  • Anne walks home with Charles, but they run into Captain Wentworth, and Charles leaves the two of them alone.
  • Anne and Wentworth discuss their past and profess their undying love as they slowly walk back to Anne’s house.
  • Anne gets her family’s unenthusiastic permission to marry Wentworth, and then does so.