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by Jane Austen

Captain Frederick Wentworth Timeline and Summary

  • Captain Wentworth was once in love with Anne Elliot, but she turned him down, and he’s been bitter about it ever since.
  • When his sister and her husband rent Kellynch Hall, Wentworth comes to stay with them.
  • Wentworth visits the Musgroves at Uppercross, and they’re all very pleased with him.
  • Wentworth stops by Uppercross Cottage, where Anne and Mary are eating breakfast.
  • Later asked by Henrietta what he thinks of Anne, Wentworth says she is very changed.
  • Wentworth plans to marry any decent girl he can, so long as it’s not Anne.
  • Spending the evening with the Musgroves, Wentworth discusses his personal naval history.
  • On a later morning, seeing Anne in distress from a pestering child, Wentworth helps her out.
  • Wentworth’s general flirtation with the Musgrove girls becomes focused on Louisa during a walk to Winthrop.
  • A visit to his friend Harville in Lyme proves so satisfactory that Wentworth takes the Musgroves, and Anne, along on a return visit.
  • Wentworth notices a stranger admiring Anne, which causes him to realize that she still has beauty.
  • Shocked by Louisa’s accident, Wentworth appreciates Anne’s calm response to the situation.
  • Wentworth wants Anne to stay to take care of Louisa, but Mary won’t allow it, so instead he takes Anne and Henrietta home to Uppercross before returning to Lyme alone.
  • Louisa relinquishes Wentworth in favor of Captain Benwick.
  • Wentworth comes to Bath, and runs into Anne in a candy shop.
  • Wentworth sees Anne again at a concert, but is jealous of the attentions paid her by Mr. Elliot.
  • At the Musgroves, Wentworth meets with Anne yet again, and receives an invitation to a party from her sister Elizabeth.
  • Wentworth pours out his pent-up emotions in a letter to Anne, which he leaves for her to find.
  • Wentworth encounters Anne walking with Charles Musgrove, and escorts her home after Charles goes to run an errand.
  • While they walk, Wentworth and Anne discuss their past and profess their undying love for each other.
  • Wentworth gets Sir Walter’s unenthusiastic permission to marry Anne, and then does so.