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by Jane Austen

Louisa Musgrove Timeline and Summary

  • Louisa and her sister join Mary and Anne on a walk.
  • Louisa and her family are popular in the neighborhood, and love to throw impromptu dance parties.
  • Arriving first at her brother’s house for an evening party, Louisa warns them that Mrs. Musgrove has been overcome with sad memories of her dead son Richard.
  • With her family, Louisa questions Wentworth about his naval history.
  • Louisa and her sister dance with Captain Wentworth while Anne plays the piano.
  • Louisa and Henrietta try to go on a long walk alone, but Mary insists on joining them, as do Anne, Captain Wentworth, and Charles Musgrove.
  • In conversations during the walk, Louisa impresses Captain Wentworth with her decisive, resolute character.
  • Louisa forces her sister to walk with Charles Hayter so that she can have Wentworth to herself.
  • Louisa convinces her family to go with Wentworth to Lyme.
  • Louisa jumps off the Cobb steps and knocks herself unconscious on the ground.
  • Captain Wentworth carries Louisa to the Harvilles’ home.
  • The doctor says that Louisa will recover, but cannot be moved.
  • Louisa slowly recovers in Lyme.
  • As she recovers, Louisa develops a taste for poetry and an affection for Captain Benwick.
  • Louisa and Benwick get engaged.
  • Louisa and Benwick marry.