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by Jane Austen

William Walter Elliot, Esq. Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. William Elliot is a distant relative to Sir Walter Elliot and heir to the title and estate of Kellynch.
  • Despite his cousin Elizabeth’s having decided to marry him before she ever met him, Mr. Elliot instead weds "a rich woman of inferior birth" (1.16).
  • Mr. Elliot’s choice of bride offends Sir Walter, who breaks off the acquaintance.
  • Several years later, Mr. Elliot’s wife has died, but his badmouthing of his cousins means they still have a grudge against him.
  • At Lyme, Mr. Elliot visibly admires Anne’s beauty, not knowing she is his cousin.
  • Mr. Elliot runs into Anne again at the inn they are both staying at.
  • In Bath, Mr. Elliot gets himself back into his cousins’ good graces.
  • When Anne comes to stay with her family in Bath, Mr. Elliot is happy to discover that they are related.
  • Mr. Elliot and Anne discuss the events that happened in Lyme.
  • Devoting his considerable powers of charm to pleasing Anne, Mr. Elliot succeeds in becoming her friend, though she does not entirely trust him.
  • Mr. Elliot tries to convince Anne that the Dalrymples are worth all the hoops her father is jumping through for them.
  • One morning Mr. Elliot is accompanying Anne, Elizabeth, and Mrs. Clay on a shopping trip, when the rain sends them to seek shelter in a shop.
  • Mr. Elliot decides that Anne’s boots are thicker than Mrs. Clay’s, and that therefore Mrs. Clay should take the last spot in Lady Dalrymple’s carriage while he walks Anne home.
  • Attending a concert with the Elliots and the Dalrymples, Mr. Elliot pays his attentions to Anne.
  • His flattery falls flat, as Anne is more interested in fellow concert-goer Captain Wentworth than she is in Mr. Elliot.
  • Mr. Elliot continues to ply his charms on Anne, but, having heard the story of his true character from Mrs. Smith, he only convinces her of his hypocrisy.
  • Mr. Elliot says that he is leaving Bath for a few days.
  • Meeting with Mrs. Clay, Mr. Elliot is spotted from a window by Mary and Anne.
  • Mr. Elliot is surprised to learn that Anne is to marry Captain Wentworth, and leaves Bath.
  • Last seen in London with Mrs. Clay, Mr. Elliot may eventually marry her.